Commercial Vault Door

High security bank grade vault door. Available for commercial and residential use. All vault doors feature an emergency 1-handed escape

Residential Vault Door

Build a bank-grade vault room to protect your household, with a home vault door that installs directly in the cold

Vault Doors Are a Stable and Strong Obstacle in the Way of Intruders!

Thieves and burglars are constantly inventing new intrusion and hacking schemes, as well as improving their tools. For this reason, banking institutions and financial institutions in Canada have to establish multi-layered defenses against attacks. A strong composite vault door is its integral component. The structures are made of extremely durable steel and concrete and are also equipped with special locking mechanisms.

Thanks to this, they reliably protect cash, currency, and precious metals. They can also be used in residential buildings. In this case, a special domestic safe room door modification is used, which can protect valuables and become part of a panic room. Any of these designs can be produced by the reliable manufacturer Inkas. We offer high-tech constructions made of bulletproof materials.

What Do You Need to Know About a Vault Door?

The structures offered by the company are manufactured on modern equipment using the latest technologies. They withstand the impact of a diamond drill, explosions, the use of disc cutters, gunfire, as well as other types of exposure from thieves.

Safe door withstands all these actions thanks to the use of super-strong materials. The walls of the structures are made of hardened steel and concrete, which is a serious obstacle to any unauthorized access. Additional protection is provided by combination locks and allocation of space for connecting the alarm system.

Why Should You Install a Safe Door?

Designs must be ordered for financial institutions that have a large turnover of cash every day and accept valuables for storage. In addition, permanent protection may be needed for private houses.

For example, owners sometimes choose a gun room door to ensure responsible handling of the contents. In any case, reliable protection of valuable things is ensured and obstacles are created in the path of intruders. An additional advantage is the availability of fire resistance and moisture protection functions. It all depends on the selected model.

What Characterizes the Panic Room Door?

Strong steel doors can also be used in residential buildings. They can be installed in an alarm room. Such use is due to design features. Panic room doors are also made of strong steel alloys and concrete, which protects against attacks of various types. Since such rooms are used to escape from intruders, the lock can usually be locked only in the middle. An additional feature of high-security doors is bulletproof protection. It provides reliable protection in case of armed attacks.

Reliable Vault Door in Canada From the Inkas Company

The main goals of the manufacturer are to create high-quality structures that have high efficiency indicators meet the established requirements, and provide extended functionality. In the production process, we successfully achieve them, so we can offer the best solutions for residential and commercial objects.

All of them differ in stability, strength, and durability. To order a vault door in Canada, contact a company specialist. He will advise and help you choose the best option for a specific request. Contacts for communication with the manager are indicated on the website.

What are Vault doors?


Unlike a safe that can be an individual structure, a vault is installed into the building. The main difference is that you can move the safe, but you can’t move the vault. A vault is a safe room with enhanced security features such as a steel door and armored walls.

What are Vaults used for?


The vault has armored walls and a steel door to ensure maximum safety for the contents. The valuables are protected against theft, fire, flood, and other possible dangers. For example, bank vaults store important documentation, money, collectibles, luxury goods, and other valuables.

Can a vault room be built inside a house?


Yes, you can create a safe room in your home. INKAS® Safes have built a modular vault door that can be fitted in your house space (usually the cold room at the basement) to make a safe room for various purposes. For example, you can turn it into a gun room and have your firearms safe and secure.

Do I need a permit to build a vault in my house?


Obtaining a proper permit for any type of construction is required. Make sure to get in touch with your local municipality to find out more if the safe room complies with the building codes.