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Pharmacy Safes – Reliable Storage and Protection of Medicines!

The storage of medicines in clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies is regulated by certain norms. A mandatory requirement is compliance with the temperature regime. In addition, medicines and various supplements are necessarily divided into categories. The condition of reliable protection of certain types of drugs is also important. It is especially relevant for those types that contain narcotic substances.

These can be sedatives, stimulants, and painkillers prescribed by a doctor. They often become the object of theft and robbery. This is due to the violation of recommendations for use and the emergence of persistent addiction. To protect drugs from tampering, it is necessary to install pharmacy narcotic safe with the appropriate level of protection. In Canada, the Inkas company offers to order such designs. We manufacture only reliable, strong, and stable structures.

What Are the Characteristics of Pharmacy Narcotic Safe?

Storage of medicine based on drugs is a responsible task for every employee of a hospital or pharmacy. It also appears in front of patients who have received medicine based on a doctor’s prescription. In any case, it is important not only to ensure the necessary temperature conditions and lighting level but also to protect it from prying eyes. This requires a strong and reliable narcotic safe of appropriate capacity.

If you store such drugs at home, you should consider a compact version with a minimum number of compartments. Hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, and other medical institutions need larger pharmacy safes with additional sections and functions. For example, there are models with a built-in software system. It is used to track all actions performed with the pharmacy safe.

In this way, the owners of the establishment can conduct an audit and track unauthorized actions. In addition to software, commercial narcotic safes also have additional features:

  • use of strong durable steel;
  • installation of strong locks (often of 2 types: electronic and mechanical);
  • availability of a locking system without the use of keys;
  • dividing the internal space into several compartments to create better conditions for storing narcotic drugs and medicines.

In addition, the safety deposit box can store documentation, including reports, recipes, and logbooks. The steel from which the narcotics safe is made is bulletproof.

How to Choose a Narcotic Safe?

The company manufactures pharmacy safes of various models. These can be both large models with several departments and a built-in audit program, and compact varieties with a simplified structure. Choosing among them the best solution for storing drugs, you should focus on several criteria. Among them are the number and volume of drugs, their category, as well as the area where the pharmacy safe will be located. To make the right choice, consult our specialist.

Reliable Pharmacy Safes From the Manufacturer Inkas

The company’s team is making every effort to create extremely strong certified designs that will provide reliable protection for drugs based on narcotic substances. They are made of durable and bulletproof steel, which passes dozens of tests. To order a safe, leave a request on the website or call our managers. We will help you choose the best option for your requests.