BL-Rated Residential Burglary Safe

Level 1 Security
This BL-rated safe is the ideal solution to protect your priceless valuables from theft. It features a variety of sophisticated
medical safe

UL-TL15 High-Security Safe

Level 3 Security
The UL TL-15 safe is an ideal choice for home security. These safes offer protection against burglary attempts and can

UL-TL30 High-Security Safe

Level 4 Security
The TL 30 safe series is the industry standard for home and business security.  This safe is secure from most

UL-TL30x6 High Security Safe

Level 5 Security
The TL30x6 safe offers the ultimate protection for home security. This safe is secure from most types of burglary attacks

What is a Burglary Safe?

A burglary safe is constructed with steel and composite materials that can withstand prolonged attacks or forcible entries. At INKAS® Safes, our burglary safes receive rigorous laboratory testing that mimics these scenarios to ensure your valuable possessions are protected.

What is a Burglar Safe Rating?

A safe with a burglary rating has undergone extensive testing to meet the industry standard set by Underwriter Laboratories (UL). Each safe is examined on multiple factors, including the materials of which a safe is constructed, the type of locking mechanism, and other security features. Once thoroughly reviewed, a safe receives a rating that determines the amount of time a safe can withstand a burglary attack and the types of tools used.

A burglary rating will consist of a tool resistance level (TL), followed by a numeric value representing the max time a safe can withstand an attack. For example, a TL-30 rated safe should open in under 30 minutes with a basic toolset.

How to Choose the Right Security Level for Your Home Safe?

Having a safe installed in your home is a great step towards protecting your valuable items. But understanding what safe security features meet your needs can become overwhelming. Every safe at INKAS® Safes can be categorized as levels 1-5, helping you find your exact match.

  1. Level 1: has a UL-certified lock that can withstand attacks that use basic tools. These safes are constructed with a ballistic steel plate, but have the thinnest wall and door thickness. Ideal for storing items of low value or small amounts of cash.
  2. Level 2: has the same features as level 1, but it can now withstand attacks that use power tools due to increased wall and door thickness.
  3. Level 3: at this level, every safe will have obtained a UL certificate for its entirety. The walls and door are constructed with a ballistic steel plate and fully composite material giving it a rating of TL-15.
  4. Level 4: this is ideal for a homeowner looking for the same increased-security features as level 3, but is looking for a safe that can resist a burglary attempt for up to 30 minutes. A common choice among gun safe owners.
  5. Level 5: composed of industry-leading materials on all 6 sides of the safe. A level5 security safe provides twice the amount of protection of a level 4, while defending against attacks from any direction for 30 minutes.

What Features Make an INKAS® Safes a Leader in Security?

Whether you have a few personal documents or heirloom jewelry, you deserve a safe that can protect its contents from attacks or natural disasters. At INKAS® Safes, we design safes with industry-leading technology and materials for the highest level of security.

Composite Safe Walls

Our proprietary composite material has been proven to withstand extreme heat, exceeding the industry for fire resistance, with an average time of 2 hours of fire resistance across our entire line of safes.

Ballistic Steel Plated Door
It is designed to protect our industry-leading brand’s locking mechanism from prying, drilling, punching, and other brute force attempts.
US Made and UL Certified Locks

Whether you are looking for a safe with an electronic or mechanical locking mechanism, our entire product line comes with a UL-certified lock from one of the Top U.S. manufacturers. By partnering with Sargent and Greenleaf (S & G) and La Gard Locks we are able to provide safes with a locking mechanism that is built to last.

What is a burglary safe?

A burglary safe’s definition is a “safe that is able to withstand burglar attack or forced penetration”.
Burglars use a variety of tools to break into safes, including common hand tools, power tools, cutting torches, chemicals, explosives, and a laboratory-tested anti-burglar safes own a special rating (UL-TL score).

This rating provides information on how much time a safe can withstand penetration attack – for example TL-30 means thieves need 30 minutes to crack it open.

What is a burglar-resistant safe?

Burglar-proof safe is designed to protect valuables from thief’s attacks and categorized in various resistance classes, such as UL, TL, and RSC. The class is determined by various factors, such as the metal thickness, wall composite layers, lock efficiency, safe weight, bolting / mounting option and more.

What is RSC burglary rating?

RSC, or “Residential Security Container” rating is the ability of the safe to hold at least five minutes of heavy prying, drilling, punching, chiseling, and tampering attacks. RSC rating earned by special laboratory testing that uses real life common burglary tools when testers conduct penetration attempt for at least 5 minutes in a row.