La Gard Safeguard 3600 Safe Lock

La Gard Safeguard 3600 electronic keypad locks are external safe locks which offer incredible protection and features. UL certified Type

Electronic Locks – A Convenient Mechanism and an Increased Level of Protection!

Electronic lock is a new level of development of locking technologies. They have built-in systems that work in automatic mode and are activated by entering numeric combinations on the keyboard. A battery is used to power all elements. These features allow you to use them as a basis for door locks and locking mechanisms of safes. The scope of the application is not limited to the home.

They are also suitable for various commercial premises. In both cases, such devices guarantee safety and reliability, as well as reduce the risks of unauthorized access. Inkas offers a wide selection of electronic door locks and varieties for the installation of safes. The manufacturer uses super-strong materials and the latest technologies, which allows you to make sustainable solutions for any premises in Canada.

Why Should You Choose an Electronic Lock?

Devices that have an electronic mechanism are convenient. This is one of the decisive factors due to which buyers choose them. When installing such a lock, you only need to remember the digital code. The combination makes it easy to open the door of a house or safe. There can be many options. The owner can set both simple and long complex codes. In addition, the electronic padlock has several other advantages.

Stylish Universal Design

Programmable locks are suitable for almost any interior. Their palette includes restrained black, metallic, and light shades, and in some cases, the design of locks imitates the color of gold. This allows you to choose a keyless door lock both for a house with an original project and a minimalist design. According to the same principle, you can choose electronic locks for safes.

No Need to Store Keys

Most safes and home door devices only have a numeric keypad to enter a code. The key is not needed in this case. In this way, you can not be afraid that it will get lost and you will lose access to the content. However, the electronic key lock is also on sale. This type of mechanism is additionally equipped with a scanner that reads information from a special keychain. In addition, the lock can additionally have a slot for opening the door with an ordinary key.

Ability to Control via Smartphone

Installing a programmable door lock allows you to connect the mechanism to a common network of several devices. In particular, it can connect to a smartphone. In this way, the owner can open the lock and adjust it according to his requests.

What Electronic Door Locks Does the Manufacturer Offer?

Our clients can order several types of mechanisms. For example, we offer a reliable and high-quality basic lock for house doors. It is UL-certified, has user and manager codes, and provides a low battery alarm. In addition, the assortment includes a reliable electronic lock for a safe. The features of the mechanism include delay time, UL certificate, and user and manager access.

How to Order a Keyless Door Lock in Canada?

It’s very easy to do. It is enough to familiarize yourself with the proposed models and place an order. The company offers a wide range of high-quality electronic mechanisms for safes and doors that meet the highest quality standards. To choose the best solution, first consult with a specialist by phone.