What is the difference between mechanical and electronic locks?

Electronic locks feature a battery-operated lock and a keypad where you will enter your code or have your biometric features scanned. On the other hand, a mechanical lock relies on spinning the dial to enter the combination and unlock the door. It doesn’t rely on any external power source.

What is the best usage for an electronic lock?

An electronic lock can be easily installed and comes with sleek and sophisticated designs to match the space. You can easily customize the code for enhanced safety or choose advanced systems with biometric features. However, keep in mind that it relies on a power source to work correctly. If the battery dies, you will need to replace it to retrieve aces to your safe.

What is the best usage for a mechanic lock?

A mechanical lock is known for its longevity and durability; Also, they require less maintenance and are less expensive than electronic locks. However, you can’t change the lock combination when you want. You will need to hire a locksmith to change the combination in case of an emergency.

How to open safe locks if you forgot the password?

If you forgot the password to your safe, you could reset the code. Inside the electronic safe, there is a reset switch that you can access to enter a new one.