If you’re looking to buy a safe, there are plenty of companies you could choose to work with. Why should you choose INKAS® Safes over anyone else?

Our commitment to our customers makes us stand head and shoulders above the competition. Our expertise and nuanced understanding of both our products and our clients make us the top choice for new and experienced buyers alike.

How does our philosophy set us apart? We believe in four foundational principles that let us deliver better care for our customers every step of the way.

We Put the Focus on the Customer

Some companies will simply sell you a safe. You’ll feel rushed through the purchase process, then almost never hear from them again.

INKAS® Safes focuses on our customers and their satisfaction. We offer an outstanding and supportive experience. From the time you decide you need a safe to choosing the right one, to getting it installed, and even troubleshooting any difficulties afterward, we’re with you every step of the way.

We Believe in Development and Growth

The INKAS® Safes philosophy also emphasizes growth and development for our team and our business. We’re constantly looking for ways to improve our skills and the way we relate to customers like you.

If there’s a better way to connect with our customers, we’re out there learning about it. If there’s another service that will help our customers get more out of their safes, you can bet we’re thinking about adding it to our lineup. If there’s new safe technology, ratings, and more, we’re working to understand it so we can help you adapt it the right way.

We Practice Good Communication and Teamwork

We also believe our clients benefit when our team members communicate well and work together. With other companies, you might feel frustrated their lack of communication with each other. The sales team doesn’t tell the support team which safe model you have or you’re passed around from department to department, without ever getting answers.

That’s not the way we work at INKAS® Safes. Communication, both with our clients and with each other, is the key to an amazing experience.

We’re Transparent with Services and Policies

Ever worked with a company that used all kinds of dodgy language in their return policy or warranty guarantees? What about hidden fees? Almost everyone has had an encounter with a company that promised one price, then tacked on “administrative fees” or similar charges.

Privacy is another consideration. Many companies are reluctant to tell you exactly what they do with your information.

INKAS® Safes is committed to total transparency. That means no hidden fees, and we’re up front about warranties, returns, and more. We’re also committed to client privacy, both online and offline, which means you know exactly what data we’ve collected—and what we’re not going to do with it.

Get Peace of Mind with INKAS Safes

You want to get a safe for peace of mind. The company you work with should also give you peace of mind, which is why so many people choose INKAS® Safes. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, communication, and transparency mean you get safety that extends far beyond the safe you choose.

Ready to discover the difference? Get in touch with our team today and see why people prefer INKAS® Safes!