Here at INKAS® Safes our philosophy is to provide you with the best security configuration for your needs. Thus, we want to help choose a safe that’s right for you. Safes are an essential investment to protect your highly valued goods, and here at INKAS we want to make your purchase as worry free and easy as possible.

Safe Categories

  1. UL Rated Safes
    These safes are certified by the strict standards of Underwriter Laboratories, the global standard for safe certifications.
    Rated according to a series of tests measuring fire resistance, resistance to attempted entry from tools, torches, and explosives, and the integrity of items stored inside a safe after a fire will always carry a UL Burglary Rating and may carry a UL Fire Rating.
    Composite (concrete layered) UL Rated safes offer nature fire protection but are often not UL Fire Rated. Much of the time manufacturers will conduct there own tests to save on certification costs. These tests are usually as good as UL fire tests.An overview of the UL certifications can be found here. There is also a list of the burglary ratings, list of lock ratings, and, list of fire ratings.
  2. Unrated Burglary and Fire Safes
    These are common home safes that you would typically find at major retailers.
    Usually offer little protection against intruders. An expert could easily open these safes in a just a few minutes.
    However, INKAS Burglary and Fire Safes offer protection far greater than what is commonly found in the industry. We build our burglary and fire safes to match the level of a UL TL-15. Although not tested by Underwriter Laboratories, these safes are thoroughly tested according to our own strict standards that parallel those of Underwriter Laboratories.
    This safes represent the second tier of what we offer.
  3. Fire Safes/Filing Cabinets
    Provide excellent protection against fire.
    Can be UL Rated – 1 or 2 hour resistance (Class 350, 150, or 125).
    Offer some security features, most suitable to keep items away from children, family members, etc.
  4. B-Rated
    Offer decent protection against entry attempts.
    Do not offer fire protection.
    1/4 inch steel body and 1/2 inch steel door.
  5. Cash Depositories
    Can be B-Rated.
    Rotary hopper, deposit slot, or front loaded deposit mechanism.
    1/8 – 1/4 inch steel body.
    1/4 – 1/2 inch steel door.
  6. Gun Safes
    Provide ample room to store firearms, ammunition, and accessories.
    Will often be fireproofed.
    Provide decent protection against entry attempts.

So Which Safe Do I Need?

The safe that’s right for you is going to depend on the type of items you wish to store in it and the level of protection you desire for those items. For example there’s no reason to purchase a top of the line, UL TXTL-60×6 safe if you just want to store a few firearms to keep them away from children or intruders. Likewise, if you have a rare piece of jewellery or antique that is valued at tens of thousands of dollars, a simple fire safe or B-Rated safe might not be sufficient.

Our Recommendations

To help you in choosing a safe, we list each safe with our own recommended use and rating. This will tell you what type of items may be stored in the safe, where it would normally be located, and what level of protection it provides (N/A, Low, High, Very High).

Start Searching Now

Please begin searching for the right safe by choosing a category on the left. If you have trouble finding something that suits your exact needs, we also provide fully customized safes. We can configure your safe to a variety or sizes, colours, locks, interiors, and more.