Commercial Vault Door

Curbside Delivery

All safes are delivered to the closest curb to your front door or entrance. Please contact us ahead of time if your delivery has specific requirements.

High security bank grade vault door. Available for commercial and residential use. All vault doors feature an emergency 1-handed escape latch from the interior. Even if the lock is broken in case of an attack, an escape is possible when safe to do so. Our vault doors are a composite of metal and cement to ensure durability and harder break-ins.

Dimensions: 79 1/2″ H x 35 1/2″ W

  • Inswing
  • Outswing
Hinge Position
  • Left
  • Right
Available Colors
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  • Bank-Grade Protection for your irreplaceable business assets and inventory
  • High-Security Composite Design combining reinforced concrete and bulletproof solid steel layers for the toughest defense
  • Solid Steel Deadbolts slide to secure door in place and prevent prying and brute force entry attempts
  • Heavy-Duty Machined Hinges secure hinges in place and prevent removal attempts
  • UL Certified Lock guarantees protection from attempted lock picking and tampering