La Gard Mechanical Combination Lock

Keep your safe secure with La Gard high security mechanical combination locks. 3-wheel combination lock with dead bolt Thru-case mounting

Mechanical Locks – Reliability, Durability, and a High Level of Protection!

A huge range of locks is now available to buyers. All of them differ in the type of mechanisms, shape, functionality, and many other features. Despite such a wide variety, mechanical lock is quite popular among buyers. This is because it has certain features that favorably distinguish it from other models.

A large selection of such locks in Canada is offered by the professional manufacturer Inkas. We manufacture strong, stable, and functional devices that provide a high level of protection of premises and safes. In the catalog, you will find mechanical locks for both safes and doors of houses or commercial premises. Each model meets the established standards and is manufactured in modern production.

What Advantages Do Mechanical Locks Provide?

Users have many reasons to choose these varieties for installation in doors and safes. Mechanical locks are easy to use and have a convenient mechanism. They have a mechanical deadbolt, components that provide automatic opening and closing, and a digital panel or key slot.

To unlock such a lock, you need to insert and turn the key or enter a combination of numbers. Some models have combined mechanisms, which allow you to choose the most convenient way of opening. Additional advantages of mechanical locks include:

  • Independence from electricity: This feature is one of the advantages that makes them better than electronic mechanisms. Mechanical door locks work under any conditions, even during an emergency power outage, which eliminates many access problems. In addition, there is no need to periodically change the battery.
  • Durability and stability: Mechanical latch devices are made of metal alloys and strong components, which makes them resistant to wear and tear. They also contain fewer components than other varieties, so they are less likely to break. Strong materials also make mechanical locks for doors and safes resistant to mechanical impact.
  • Increased level of security: Compared to conventional locks that are opened with a key, mechanical models are more reliable. They are harder to break and remove from the door, so they provide a higher level of protection.

Mechanical locks can also have additional built-in features that protect against theft and break-ins. For example, brute force protection. In this case, the mechanical lock is blocked for some time. This prevents unauthorized access.

Which Mechanical Lock Can Be Bought at Inkas?

The manufacturer has been specializing in manufactured devices for many years, and during this time has developed several variants of models that have incorporated the best characteristics. The catalog presents reliable mechanical locks for safes that have an integrated lock in case of tampering, a million combinations, and reliable fasteners. In addition, buyers can order high-quality mechanical locks with rings and dials.

Why Should You Order a Mechanical Door Lock From Inkas?

One of the main reasons why customers choose us is the high quality of mechanisms. We have everything you need to make strong, functional, and durable mechanical locks. The team of professionals is well versed in the intricacies of creating devices, and modern equipment and the latest technologies are used in production.

What is the difference between mechanical and electronic locks?

Electronic locks feature a battery-operated lock and a keypad where you will enter your code or have your biometric features scanned. On the other hand, a mechanical lock relies on spinning the dial to enter the combination and unlock the door. It doesn’t rely on any external power source.

What is the best usage for an electronic lock?

An electronic lock can be easily installed and comes with sleek and sophisticated designs to match the space. You can easily customize the code for enhanced safety or choose advanced systems with biometric features. However, keep in mind that it relies on a power source to work correctly. If the battery dies, you will need to replace it to retrieve aces to your safe.

What is the best usage for a mechanic lock?

A mechanical lock is known for its longevity and durability; Also, they require less maintenance and are less expensive than electronic locks. However, you can’t change the lock combination when you want. You will need to hire a locksmith to change the combination in case of an emergency.

How to open safe locks if you forgot the password?

If you forgot the password to your safe, you could reset the code. Inside the electronic safe, there is a reset switch that you can access to enter a new one.