Panic Room

Residential Vault Door

Easily convert your home’s cold room into a high-security home vault, panic room, or walk-in gun room
Panic Room
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All safes are delivered to the closest curb to your front door or entrance. Please contact us ahead of time if your delivery has specific requirements.

Build a bank-grade vault room to protect your household, with a home vault door that installs directly in the cold room of your basement. INKAS® modular vault door converts your space into a high-security vault room to safeguard your valuables, gun room to securely store your firearms, or panic room to protect your family from harm. Enclosed by cement walls on each side and secured with a reinforced bulletproof steel door – INKAS® vault doors offer industry-leading security and durability to withstand brute force entry attempts.

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  • UL-certified for reliable protection
    Bank-grade locking mechanisms, reinforced metal composite and ballistic steel construction, and heavy-duty hinges and bolts provide maximum security, as well as protection against theft, fire, and floods.
  • Designed to fit your home
    The INKAS Safes modular residential vault door kit is the perfect solution for transforming your home’s cold room or unused space into a high-security vault to protect your family and your valuables.
  • Easy DIY installation
    The residential vault door kit includes all the components required for assembly by homeowners, with a streamlined installation that can be easily completed in 20 minutes by just two individuals.
  • Home Vault
    Safeguard your irreplaceable valuables, luxury goods, vintage wine collection, and more, with a dedicated vault room in your home, simply by installing INKAS® modular home vault door in your existing cold room.
  • Panic Room
    With a dedicated home panic room, you can ensure your family members are safe from harm during a home invasion, sheltered from natural disasters, and protected from danger during active emergencies and lockdown situations.
  • Gun Room
    Secure your firearms in a hidden gun vault safe. Having a home gun room as your firearm storage solution enables you to safely and legally store your firearms and ammunition, while basically creating a walk-in gun safe for your vast firearm collection.
  • Bank-Grade Protection for your irreplaceable valuables and assets
  • High-Security Composite Design combining reinforced concrete and bulletproof solid steel layers for the toughest defense
  • Solid Steel Deadbolts slide to secure door in place and prevent prying and brute force entry attempts
  • Heavy-Duty Machined Hinges secure hinges in place and prevent removal attempts
  • UL Certified Lock guarantees protection from attempted lock picking and tampering