Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet

INKAS® UL Rated filing cabinets are perfect for protecting important documents, cd’s, and other digital media. These cabinets can resist

What is a fire proof safe?

A fireproof rated safe should be able to withstand outside fire heat and keep the internal temperature below 350 F (177 C). When internal temperature reaches 350 degrees paper starts char and might flare up and burn.

Fire-rated safes might have additional features, such as expanding door insulation layer and heat-triggered internal humidifiers.

Are fireproof safes worth it?

Fire proof or fire-rated safes are the best solution for storing valuable documents such as ownership titles, wills and other legal papers. These types of unique documents should be protected not only from house breaks and thieves, but also from fires, and fire resistant safes keep docs save from both possible emergencies.

What is the difference between fire rated and fireproofed safe?

Both fireproof and fire resistant terms are describing the same thing, and in fact synonyms. Fire proof safes composite layers include flame resistant materials and designed to withstand heat and keep internal temperature from rising the point of paper ignition, to protect cash money and legal documentation.

Where is the best place to place a fireproof safe?

  • Lowest possible point – main level or even basement. If, in case of fire floor between level burns out, safe could fall and cracks could be created due to the hit. Also, heat rises to the top levels, so the lower your safe located the less heat it will absorb.
  • If installed in the corner between 2 exterior walls heat exposure is also minimized.