Fire Resistant Filing Cabinet

INKAS® UL Rated filing cabinets are perfect for protecting important documents, cd’s, and other digital media. These cabinets can resist

Fireproof Filing Cabinets – Organization Of Document Circulation And Reliable Protection Against High Temperatures!

In the process of activity of each company in Canada, many different documents are created. Over time, they accumulate and require a special storage place. In addition, valuable documents are also stored in residential buildings. In the first and second cases, owners often choose ordinary cabinets for storing these files.

However, they are not the best option. The main reason is the lack of reliable protection against fire and exposure to high temperatures. In case of adverse events, all documents (including insurance and valuable contracts) can be lost forever. In addition, there is a risk of theft, robbery, and burglary. A fireproof file cabinet created by the manufacturer Inkas can provide reliable protection against all these factors. They have special protective options and are made of super durable materials.

What Are The Features Of A Durable Fireproof File Cabinet?

The structures have the form of a compact cabinet with several sections. The number of compartments varies depending on the model, so buyers can choose the best solution for different types of premises. Their main purpose is to provide reliable protection against high temperatures. These are the following phenomena:

  • Open fire
  • Smoke
  • Heat combined with high humidity

Each of these factors can lead not only to damage but also to the complete loss of documents. A strong fireproof filing cabinet can be an effective solution for their full protection. The period during which resistance to the specified phenomena is ensured must be different. Some models can withstand the negative impact for 2 hours, while others can protect securities for only 1 hour.

An important characteristic of a fireproof cabinet for files is the level of security. Buyers can order models with a rating from 1 to 5. Each of them has certain protection indicators and an individual list of functions. Another feature of fireproof document cabinets is resistance to falling from a height and moisture.

This helps to protect the contents from the water used during extinguishing, as well as from falling structures as a result of their fire damage. To choose the best filing cabinet safe, you should consult a specialist. An experienced manager will be able to choose a cabinet taking into account the request, the characteristics of the room, the level of the value of the papers, as well as their number.

What Advantages Do Owners Of A Fireproof Filing Cabinet Get?

Unlike ordinary cabinets, these designs have a slightly higher price. This factor often makes owners abandon the purchase. However, this cost is fully justified. Moreover, the purchase of a fire-resistant file cabinet can save you from serious expenses. This is because the structures reliably protect various valuable documents, the loss of which can cause large financial losses.

Manufacture Of Reliable And Durable Fire-Resistant File Cabinet In Inkas

The company is one of the best manufacturers of safes in Canada. This is confirmed by dozens of grateful reviews from customers who have already installed our designs. You can also evaluate the benefits. We offer the manufacture of a high-quality and durable fire-safe filing cabinet, taking into account all the needs and features of the premises. We guarantee the use of strong reliable materials, the installation of functional locks, and the best price in Canada.