INKAS Safes Calgary

INKAS® Safe Manufacturing is proud to announce its expansion to the West Coast. This is an important milestone for the leading Canadian manufacturer, whose innovative security solutions have made it one of North America’s most dependable names in high-security safes and vaults.

Margarita Simkin, CEO of INKAS® Safe Manufacturing, said, “Expanding our operations in Western Canada is a tremendous accomplishment for the INKAS® Safes team, elevating the firm to new heights.” The opening of our Calgary branch gives us the ability to better fulfil our steadily increasing demand and optimise the distribution of our state-of-the-art safes.

The demand for INKAS® heavy-duty safes and vaults has significantly increased as a result of the current surge in interest from businesses and households who are looking for higher calibre security solutions

Margarita Simkin

In order to better optimise our logistics and point of sale on a national level, we are excited to expand our operations to Western Canada as we enjoy continued rapid growth.

Establishing a significant sales and distribution hub on the West Coast will not only help the business streamline the convoluted logistics of shipping large, heavy commercial safes and shorten delivery times, but it will also give local customers a much-needed point of contact. The new branch, which is strategically positioned in the heart of the West Coast region, will allow INKAS® Safes to shorten delivery times, streamline transportation routes, and offer in-person sales and servicing to its Western customers. To read the full press-release click here.