Shattered glass and the whine of a basic security alarm going off in the distance has grown into a scene that pharmacists have become all too familiar with. Since the beginning of the pandemic, medical facilities along with neighborhood drugstores have seen an increase in forced-entry robberies targeting their valuable narcotic inventories housed in their safes.

Leaving their customers without the medications they depend on for everyday life.
Due to the rampant opioid crisis happening throughout the country, police from several regions have seen these types of direct and targeted attacks increase over the last few years.

With the Toronto police reporting that they have experienced a 106% increase in pharmacy robberies, while the York and Peel Regions have both seen an increase of over 300% in the same types of crimes since 2021.

A Solution with a Proven Track Record

Ontario’s College of Pharmacists recently adopted the motion to require all 4,700 of their community-based drugstores to implement time-delayed safes in their businesses. With the governing body citing, that this technology has been widely effective in reducing the rate of pharmaceutical robberies in the British Columbia and Alberta areas.

Saskatchewan’s regulatory body has also seen the positive outcome of implanting time-delayed safes and have now adopted a similar requirement to begin in November of 2023.

Finding the Right Medical Safe for Your Pharmacy

With this new regulation set to take full effect in the coming months, many pharmacists are looking for a high-security safe that will fit their business needs. Understanding the minimum features a medical safe should have can be a daunting task. Here are a few important features any pharmacy should consider for their new medical safe.

  • Increased Shelving Options: Unlike other commercial safes found in jewelry stores or your local businesses, a pharmacy safe houses items that can be deemed as controlled substances. Having a narcotic-focused safe in your pharmacy or medical facility can aid in the organization of these controlled medications through the increased number of shelves present. Thus, allowing for a reduction in service time for customers and inventory counts.
  • Locking System: Even with the new required security feature of time-delayed opening, not every lock system is created equal. Look for a lock that is constructed by industry-trusted manufacturers such as Sargent and Greenleaf (S & G) and La Gard Locks, who are known for their high-quality materials. This ensures that the electronic time-delayed lock installed on your new pharmacy safe can withstand burglar attacks for any extended period.

An Industry Leader in Safe Manufacturing

Renowned for our rigorous testing standards for our UL TL-certified safes, INKAS® continues to be trusted by law enforcement agencies, branded retailers, medical facilities, and other commercial venues across Canada and the United States to secure their most valuable and controlled items. An INKAS® Safe provides unmatched protection against theft, fire, and flooding, allowing for comprehensive safety of the contents. At INKAS®, we can manufacture a pharmaceutical safe to meet the needs of any medical office, laboratory, pharmacy, or retail drugstore needs. With an inventory comprised of high-quality materials and innovative technologies, we are confidently equipped with the necessary components to meet the requirements set by the Ontario College of Pharmacists for all narcotic and controlled substance safes.

Explore the revolutionizing security features of an INKAS® Medical Safe for all your pharmaceutical needs here.