Super Stronghold UL TRTL-30×6 Safes in Stock

Professional Safe
Professional SafeINKAS® Safes Manufacturing has launched its new collection of Super Stronghold UL TRTL-30×6 rated burglary safes, made specifically for the protection of confidential documents and high value items. Starting October, 2011 we are carrying the stock of four models of Super Stronghold UL TRTL-30×6 safes. TRTL30x6 UL certification is highly valued by industry professionals in North America and beyond, and we are proud to add this line to our UL certified product offering. For more information please contact our sales representatives: Email: [email protected] Phone 1: +1(416) 744 3322 x 270 Phone 2: +1(416) 744 3322 x 272