Fondée en 1999, INKAS® Safe Manufacturing est une entreprise entièrement Canadienne située dans le Nord de Toronto, au Canada.

INKAS® fabrique et distribue des coffres-forts et d’autres produits de sécurité pour les détaillants, les agences gouvernementales, les institutions financières, les bijouteries, les chaînes pharmaceutiques et toute personne ayant besoin de protéger ses objets de valeur. INKAS® offre une grande variété de Coffres-forts, y compris : Coffres-forts de Luxe Personnalisés, Coffres-forts Résistants aux Explosifs, Coffres-forts Classés UL, Coffres-forts Anti-Cambriolage et Anti-Incendie, Coffres-forts Ignifuges, Coffres-forts Classés B, Coffres-forts à Dépôt, et Coffres-forts d’Hôtel.

INKAS® propose également une grande sélection d’autres produits, notamment : des Coffres-forts, des Classeurs Ignifugés, et des Cadrans et Serrures Électroniques et Mécaniques. INKAS® distribue ces coffres-forts par l’intermédiaire d’un réseau de 2 000 serruriers, 1 000 techniciens spécialisés dans les coffres-forts et 50 Concessionnaires et Distributeurs répartis dans toute l’Amérique du Nord.

INKAS® propose également des services uniques pour aider les propriétaires de coffres-forts, notamment l’Installation de Coffres-forts, le Déménagement de Coffres-forts, l’Ouverture de Coffres-forts, les Changements de Combinaisons de Coffres-forts, les Changements de Serrures de Coffres-forts, les Modifications de l’Intérieur de Coffres-forts, la Repeinture de Coffres- forts, les Réparations de Coffres-forts, et l’Entretien Général de Coffres-forts.

INKAS® sait comment protéger ce qui est important pour vous. L’Honnêteté, l’Intégrité et la Responsabilité sont les fondements de nos efforts et le Service à la Clientèle est notre “État d’Esprit”.

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The experience with the Inkas team was excellent. They found me what I needed and delivered it with exceeding my expectations. My insurance was even willing to increase the max value of the contents based on the quality of the safe. Thank you to Bruno for helping me with their products.
Leonard Isayev
I am truly amazed at the exceptional quality of INKAS Safes! From the moment I received it, I could tell that it was built with precision and care. The robust build and advanced security features offer a level of protection that gives me immense peace of mind. I can rest easy knowing that my most valuable possessions are safeguarded. The customer service experience was also outstanding, with the INKAS team guiding me through the selection process and ensuring I made the right choice. Highly recommended for anyone seeking a reliable and top-tier safe!
Ethan Lawson
INKAS has truly delivered a game-changer in the world of safes. This safe is an epitome of strength and style, offering unparalleled security without compromising on aesthetics. The solid build instills confidence that my valuables are protected from any potential threats. The sophisticated locking system adds an extra layer of assurance, and I appreciate the attention to detail in its design. My experience with Inkas Safes has been nothing short of exceptional. Their knowledgeable team patiently walked me through the features and options, guiding me to select the perfect safe for my needs. If you value security and elegance, INAKS is the way to go!
Alejandro Morales
If security is your priority, look no further! The durability and advanced locking system of this safe make it the ideal choice for safeguarding valuables. I'm beyond satisfied with my purchase!
Ava Mitchell
I can't express enough how impressed I am with the safe I purchased from INKAS. The moment it arrived, I was struck by its elegance and how seamlessly it blends with my home décor. Beyond its stunning appearance, the safe's performance is outstanding. I am reassured by the strong build quality and advanced locking system that my valuable items are in safe hands. The customer service I received from INKAS was equally exceptional. They took the time to understand my requirements and recommended the ideal safe for my needs. I'm thrilled with my purchase and will undoubtedly be returning to INKAS for any future security needs. An absolute top-tier choice!
Jessica Martinez