RSC-Certified Gun Safe

Level 2 Security
This gun safe offers the ultimate protection for home security. This safe is secure from most types of burglary attacks

Gun Safes – Ensuring a Responsible Approach to Gun Storage!

All types of weapons and ammunition are objects of increased risk. Every owner of such things should understand this because the level of safety depends on it. To reduce any risks associated with careless handling, as well as burglary, theft, and robbery, you need to take care of reliable protection of weapons. To do this, you can contact the manufacturer INKAS and choose a gun safe of the appropriate category. We manufacture reliable varieties for residential buildings and commercial premises. We guarantee high quality and an individual approach.

How Does a Gun Safe Work?

The design is outwardly similar to other types of safes. However, it has several design features that make it an ideal solution for protecting weapons and ammunition. The important thing is that gun safes for sale are suitable not only for ordinary but also for collectible and old models. The walls of the structures are made of hardened steel with a ballistic coating.

Locks, hinges, and locking elements are made using a special technology that prevents unauthorized access to objects inside. Models are also presented in different formats. Gun lockers, gun boxes, and gun safes are available to buyers. If necessary, you can also place cash (different currencies) and documents inside.

Reliable designs protect all objects from theft, robbery, burglary, and even curious children. Models with different dimensions and designs are on sale, which allows you to choose the best solution for any interior. Safes for gun storage can be installed both in residential buildings and commercial premises. It is only necessary to choose a model taking into account the specifics of the rooms.

What Advantages Does Gun Safe Provide?

The purchase of a gun box and other types of protective structures makes these items close to a wide range of people. Reliable locks with keys and combination locks allow you to protect weapons from unauthorized access and significantly reduce the rate of theft. Most models, including ammo safe, have UL certification and TL rating, which means high resistance to various types of impact.

In addition, a gun safe has several additional benefits. Among them is the ability to store weapons and supplies away from children. This is one of the main reasons why you should buy a structure. After all, children do not understand the level of danger and can harm themselves or another person. Another important advantage is that the safe provides reliable protection against external influences.

These are natural disasters, fires, and floods. In each of these situations, the weapon can be damaged or malfunction. If it is placed in a special structure with a high level of protection against high temperatures and flooding, the risks are significantly reduced.

What Are the Features of INKAS Gun Storage Safes?

The company employs experts who have been engaged in the production of structures for more than 20 years. They have invaluable industry knowledge that helps them create strong and durable structures with perfect lock systems. For each model, high-quality hardened steel is used, which can withstand mechanical impact, negative environmental factors, and the impact of fire.

Thanks to this, they provide reliable protection for various types of weapons and reduce the risk of unauthorized access. If you need a gun safe in Canada, contact our experts. They will help you choose the best solution and advise you on all questions regarding the rules for storing weapons.

What is the safest gun safe?

Gun safe qualify as RSC or UL-TL should have a few important properties:

  • Have minimum 10 gauge steel layer (0.128″ or 3.2mm)
  • Door place thickness has to be even deeper, at least 0.25”
  • To stop burglars from penetrate your safe with a simple tools the walls and the door have to have composite structure (have layers of a few different materials)
  • The safe has to be heavy, at least 300 lb (140 kg) in order to be hard to move
  • It has to have floor mounting option to be impossible to dislocate without special tools

Are gun safes required in Canada?

Guns are falling into “Restricted” or “Prohibited” weapon categories must be both trigger locks and locked in a larger container that is highly difficult to break in, or else locked in a “vault, safe or room that was built or modified specifically to store firearms safely.”

Are gun safes required in the USA?

There are various laws in different state with at least on (Massachusetts) require guns to be locked all time; However each state has its own restrictions for household with minors, in many cases gun owners have criminal liability if a child “is likely to” or “may” gain access to a firearm.

What is a fire resistant gun safe

Typically fire rated safe can protect weapons for at least one hour of 350-450 F (177-232 C).

  • Note that many low quality safes which pass fireproof test might be damaged by house wall collapse or level fall down. Low quality safe could crack-open in such case and expose contents to the high temperature